With well-behaved kids and nice weather, road trips should be a breeze.  Right? As AAA knows well, that’s not always the case.  With almost 10 million car break downs anticipated this summer, we better ensure that come rain or shine, bicker or whine, we’re as prepared as can be.

In this video from ReviewCars.com, you learn how to prepare your vehicle before hitting the road.  Knowing what to expect is key: The top two issues are flat tires and dead batteries.  Here’s how to anticipate and prevent them:

  • GM recommends visually inspecting your tires once/month—look for bulges and punctures, check air pressure, and make sure they’ve been rotated appropriately.
  •  Check your battery voltage for full power.

So before your road trips this summer, visit us at Highwaytire Service and Collision for all your car maintenance needs!