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Highway Tire Auto & Lube
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What People Say About Highway Tire Auto & Lube

Someone backed into the back end of my car and I couldn’t open my hatch and they took the dent out and they fixed the locks.
They did a wonderful job. They were excellent. My timing belt seems to be running well and I think they do quality work. I live by myself and I don’t have anybody else and once I dropped the car off they brought me back home and once my car was ready they picked me up and they brought me back again. So that was something better than sitting and waiting for three or four hours as I was able to come home and take care of business at home. They picked me up and brought me back again, so that was a big plus from me.
– Peter Keating

Thank you so much for fixing my car today and not “taking me for a ride” . Thought I needed a power steering pump and come to find out all I needed was a hose. Thank goodness for a auto shop you can trust.
– Yovonne Kenny

The guys at Highway Tire are very friendly. Their prices are fair and the service is very reliable. As a business it is important for us to get fast, cost effective service.
– Landis Reed Homes

Great service, great value….all run and managed by a great family. Give them a try!
– Dave Ferguson

Honest, dependable shop. My parents have been using them for years and now with my first car, they are taking care of me too!
– Amelia Saul

I never have to worry about automobile problems when I know Highway Tire is around the corner–they are one of the few establishments that you can really trust for great service and personal care of your car! I highly recommend them!!!!
– David Speer

These guys are the best. They have been servicing my families vehicles for years and have always been honest and dependable when I needed them. Recently, I was in an auto accident and had my vehicled towed and repaired by them. It looked GREAT when finished! Its nice to have a local shop that can take care of all of my familes auto repair needs. Happy Customer!!
– Fred Stiman

Fast, Efficient, Affordable, Personable service, and the cleanest bathroom! I trust these guys for car repairs, maintenance, tires for the car and tractor …. Highly recommend!
– Deb DAmato

If you are looking for a locally owned repair shop for automotive service, I suggest you give these guys a try. They have provided me with fast, reliable service for years always at a fair price. They obviously can do tires, oil changes, etc., but can handle those more serious problems that you might normally contact the dealer for.
– Ray Welsh

This is a good shop. I’ve had body work, repairs and bought tires there. I’ve been a customer for a couple of years & they do a good job.
– Mike Jimison

We have been working with Highway Tire and Collision for over 2 years now and find them to me service minded and very honest. I recently had a fender bender and they quoted the repairs and made them in a timely fashion. All of the work was quite professional and the vehicle looked like new again. They also service our fleet and have found Ed and Eddie to be a great resource for repairs and recommendations to keep our vehicles on the road. Kudos to both Eds and the team at Highway Tire.
– Dan Mills