auto repair harlotte ncWe’ve all done it. We’ve heard the car engine knock a little, or felt it drift a bit to one side, and not taken care of it right away.

Sometimes, we procrastinate to see if the problem goes away on its own. Usually, we are laboring under the mistaken assumption that if we don’t take it to the shop, nothing is actually wrong. We realize Auto repair is important, but to keep your car running you need to do more than just filling up your car with gas or turning the key. Staying on top of minor problems can keep you from needing more serious auto repair in the future; it can also keep you out of auto collisions.

5 Warning Signs You Should Not Ignore

  1. Vehicle pulls to one side
    At the time, this problem never seems big. All of us just correct our steering a little and continue on our way. This drifting to the left or right is a sign that the vehicle is out of alignment, which destroys tires. It is an easy fix, but can cause blow-outs if not taken care of. 
  2. Leaks
    Your car has numerous different types of fluids all working to keep the car running optimally. Most leaks are minor and unnoticeable while driving. For instance, many people don’t notice a radiator fluid leak until their car is overheating.
  3. Squeaky brakes
    This is serious. If you notice your brakes squeaking, get it fixed immediately. Hardly anybody does. Squeaky brakes may just be dirt, but it is more likely to be loose fittings or a bad brake pad. Brakes need to be in top shape at all times, do not ignore any issues with your brakes.
  4. Cracked windshield
    This is a problem that is most likely to be put off. Cracks and chips in the windshield damage more than just the glass—they impair your ability to see out of the windshield. Cracks and chips will also get bigger with extreme weather, if something else hits the glass there is a more likely chance the entire windshield will crack. The longer you let little cracks and chips sit, the more chance you’ll have greater issues later.
  5. Tire pressure
    Keeping your tires properly inflated does a lot more than keep your gas mileage up. Properly inflated tires withstand road hazards more effectively and are less likely to go flat.

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