Auto body and Collision CenterThere isn’t a single person out there who wants to get into a car accident. But unfortunately, it does happen… especially during these winter months with ice, snow and the unpredictable weather.

If you find yourself in need of an auto body or collision repair, follow these tips in searching for the right collision repair facility and then contact Highway Tire, Service and Collision Center – Full Service Auto Repair for Mooresville, Lake Norman & Surrounding Areas.

1) Do They Have the Latest Tools?

  Cars today have computer components in them. They are also more advanced and need to be diagnosed properly before work can be started. Smaller auto body repair shops may not be able to afford all the expensive machinery needed to work on some of the newer vehicles. Make sure the business you choose has these tools.

2) What Does Their Repair Shop Look Like?

Take a look around at the auto body repair shop and remember what you see. Are the employees in uniforms? Do you see a variety of tools for a variety of services? Is the shop clean and organized? You will want to do business with an auto body shop that is professional and organized, not a messy shop with tools and parts spread out everywhere.

3) What is their Current Parts Ordering System?

You will want to choose a business that can get your needed parts in a timely fashion, otherwise your vehicle will simply be sitting in the shop waiting to be serviced. Having a wide network of quality suppliers of parts is important and can be a deciding factor in how long it takes your vehicle to be serviced.

4) Good Reviews?

The more good reviews, the more likely you will also be satisfied with the service you receive! Choose a place that is reputable and reliable, such as Highway Tire Service and Collision.