Avoid Engine Repair and Other Costs with a Healthy Coolant System

Regardless of the make or model of your vehicle, or even the size engine it has, there is something it has in common with every other vehicle on the road: the engine produces heat. In order to provide mechanical power, heat is inevitable. If you do not have a healthy coolant system to temper the heat, problems begin to surface.

It is not enough for your coolant system to be simply in operation. It must also run properly. The engine requires a certain amount of heat to operate so your coolant system must allow the constant optimal temperature it needs. If the engine runs too hot or too cold it will run less efficiently, wear out more quickly, and emit extra pollution. If this occurs for long enough, you will be looking at costly engine repair.

There are various components of the coolant system to keep in good condition, and since many components are made with lightweight plastic, they do tend to wear out. You might wonder why there has been a shift to plastic. Simply put, it is because these parts are lighter and thus allow the vehicle to be more energy-efficient. Ask your technician to inspect and replace as-needed the hoses, caps, fan, radiator, reserve tank, pumps, and thermostat. This way, you can avoid engine repair caused by an unhealthy coolant system.

Our team at Highway Tire Auto & Lube in Terrell, North Carolina, cares about helping you preserve your vehicle to avoid engine repair and other costly repairs. We would much rather help you with auto maintenance instead, but we can help you with engine repair if you need it. Come by and see us for all your vehicle maintenance and repair needs.