Vehicle AC Repair, Mooresville, NC

We offer vehicle AC repair in Mooresville, NC and can diagnose problems and start repairs quickly to keep you comfortable.

Vehicle AC RepairDuring the warm and humid summer months here in Mooresville, North Carolina, you are probably running your air conditioner every time you get into your car. If your air conditioner isn’t quite keeping you as cool as you would like, bring your car by Highway Tire Auto & Lube for a check-up. We offer vehicle AC repair and can diagnose problems and start repairs quickly to keep you comfortable. Our shop is conveniently located and we are open from 8-5 Monday through Friday, and 8-12 on Saturday.

In addition to blowing warm air, there are other warning signs that you might need to schedule vehicle AC repair. Your car’s air conditioner helps to remove moisture from the air and allows that water to drain outside the car. If you have a clogged hose or drain, you might notice water pooling under the dashboard on the floor of the car. A mildew-like odor coming through the air vents when you run your air conditioner can also be a sign that mold is growing somewhere in the system. Not only is this unpleasant, but it can also be dangerous for you to breathe, since mold can cause allergic reactions.

Another common issue that will require vehicle AC repair is a refrigerant leak. The refrigerant gas is what allows the AC to produce cold air in your vehicle. If you have any questions about the air conditioning or any other system in your car, give us a call or bring your vehicle by our shop.

At Highway Tire Auto & Lube, we offer high-quality vehicle AC repair services to residents of Mooresville, Denver, Sherrills Ford, Lake Norman, Terrell, and Lincolnton, North Carolina.