Seasonal Tires,Terrell, NC

Turn to us for the full story about why seasonal tires may be your best option.

Seasonal Tire in,Terrell, North Carolina
The change of seasons is often a time to look forward to. Even though we might enjoy all four seasons here in the Terrell, North Carolina area, it is safe to say that some of them pose a challenge when it comes to traveling safely. If you want to be sure you get to where you are going, call us at Highway Tire Auto & Lube to learn about seasonal tires that provide several benefits.

Not only will seasonal tires keep you out of the ditch, but they can also improve fuel economy and make your vehicle easier to handle. You can count on sound and honest advice when selecting the right tires for your vehicle, budget, and other needs. We are a family-owned and operated shop with more than 15 years of providing quality tires and services. We care about you and your family’s safety and are happy to recommend seasonal tires that help you keep them safe.

We keep several brands and types of seasonal tires in stock at our shop but we are always happy to order something different if we don’t have what you are looking for. We will also make sure they are put on your car properly so that you get as long a life from them as possible. If you have a question about a tire warranty issue or other situation, you’ll get the answers you need pronto, as don’t have to call a corporate office before making decisions. That is just one of many benefits you get when you work with a family-owned company. Call today to learn more about seasonal tires or any of our tires and services.


At Highway Tire Auto & Lube, we sell seasonal tires to residents of Mooresville, Denver, Sherrills Ford, Terrell, and Lincolnton, North Carolina.