ac repair mooresville ncYour car’s air conditioner may not be the first thing in your mind before summer hits, but when it gets hot, you’ll be reaching for that dial. Automobile A/C has come a long way, but today’s air conditioners can face modern problems.

Leaks and Low Refrigerant                 

During car maintenance, one of the most common repairs performed on the A/C is to recharge the refrigerant or to stop a leak. Over time, your air conditioner’s hoses and connections expand and contract, releasing some of the refrigerant. In this case, all you need is a recharge at an auto repair center to get your cold air back.

If air or moisture gets inside your air conditioner, however, then the system can get damaged and leaks can spring up, sapping your A/C’s cooling power.

Damaged Components

Your air conditioning system is made up of many hoses, belts, and moving parts. When moving all that air, filters can get clogged, belts wear, and sometimes fuses blow. Intermittent cold air or a sudden loss of your A/C’s cooling power can indicate that something is broken and that it’s time for some car maintenance..

Irregular Maintenance

If you haven’t had car maintenance performed in a while, then your A/C could suffer for it. Even during North Carolina’s cold months, it’s important to run your air conditioner for a few minutes to keep things lubricated.

It’s a great way to head off problems before summer, because often strange noises or smells can crop up when you least expect them. Have your auto repair center inspect your A/C as you gear up for the heat.

At Highway Tire Service & Collision, we specialize in tires, brakes, and auto air conditioner repair. Our collision center can address any problems you might have, including your A/C. Contact us today to set up a service appointment and stay cool on the road.