A/C System Low on RefrigerantWhen summer humidity hits, you depend on your car’s A/C to get you through your drive. Even if you regularly have car maintenance performed, sometimes your air conditioning can fail without warning, leaving you uncomfortably hot.

It can be difficult to know when your A/C is leaking. When the refrigerant leaks, it evaporates without a trace. Adding refrigerant to a leaky system will have your A/C hitting the brakes in no time.

  • Hot Air: If your air conditioning doesn’t seem quite as cool or you notice a gradual decline and then warm air, then your A/C may just need a top-up of refrigerant. Your auto repair center can tell when you need a full refill.
  • Just Recharged: If you’ve just been to a collision center, you know your A/C was freshly filled with refrigerant, and you’re already experiencing warm air, then you may have a leak. A recharged A/C should blow cold air within a few minutes after you start the car.
  • Evidence of Leaks: The easiest way to know if your car’s air conditioning is leaking is to check the connections of your system. Your A/C has components located at various places under the hood and in your car, and there are a few places you can inspect visually. If you notice oily residue on your hoses or near components, this can indicate a leak.
  • Car Maintenance: The best way to know if you have a leaking A/C is to take it in to your auto repair center for an inspection. Car maintenance centers often use electronic detectors that can sense even the tiniest amounts of refrigerant in the air, and they can tell you when your car’s A/C is leaking.

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