How Wheel Alignment Affects Your Car

There are many factors that affect the safety and performance of your car, and one of the most important is the wheel alignment. Our team at Highway Tire Auto & Lube understands that not everyone is as familiar with car mechanics as we are, so we put together this article to explain what wheel alignment is, the effects it can have, and how to recognize common problems with it.

How Wheel Alignment Affects Your Car

Wheel alignment is related to the suspension, or the system that connects the wheels to the rest of the vehicle. Specifically, it refers to the angle of the suspension and how the tires connect to the road surface. When the wheels are out of proper alignment, they will no longer move at the same angle or speed to the others, which can have a significant impact on the car’s overall performance and drivability. For instance, improperly aligned wheels will cause your tires to wear out at different rates, and bald tires make it much harder for your car to stop properly, especially in wet conditions. Our team at Highway Tire Auto & Lube wants to help you keep your car in the best condition so that you can drive as safely as possible. We encourage you to come in for an inspection if you see signs of uneven wear.

We at Highway Tire Auto & Lube hope that this article has been helpful. If you have concerns about your car’s wheel alignment, simply give us a call or stop by our shop to have everything adjusted.