How Poor Wheel Alignment Can Impact Driving Safety

As you pull your car out onto the road from your driveway, you may notice that your steering wheel doesn’t quite feel straight. So, you jerk it to one side or the other, trying to find its “sweet spot.” This small adjustment may seem harmless, but it’s often a sign of poor wheel alignment. One thing that many drivers may not know is that this issue can compromise their safety on the road.

How Poor Wheel Alignment Can Impact Driving Safety

In this article, we’ll uncover the hazards of a misaligned vehicle:

  • Compromised Grip – When your wheels are misaligned, only a small portion of the tire tread actually grips the road. This decreased traction makes it easier to lose control, especially during emergency maneuvers like quick lane changes or hard braking. As a result, hydroplaning or sliding off the road becomes a grim possibility with reduced tire-to-road contact.
  • Rapid Tire Deterioration – Misaligned wheels place more stress on certain parts of tire treads while leaving other areas untouched. The exaggerated friction in these high-wear areas generates heat that accelerates tire breakdown, resulting in bald spots and irreparable tire damage. With compromised rubber, blowouts become more likely, which can be catastrophic at high speeds.
  • Imprecise Turns – When wheel alignment is off, it becomes difficult to maintain control through curves and turns. Veering too wide or sharply cutting a corner can lead to rollovers or side impact crashes. This lack of precision also makes it challenging to change lanes cleanly at highway speeds, increasing the chance of slipping off course and colliding with nearby vehicles.

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