TiresAs the temperature outside starts to drop, you may begin thinking about getting your vehicle ready for the winter ahead. However, you may wonder if you really need snow tires and if they are even that different from the tires currently on your car.

Sipes and Compounding

The two main things that differentiate snow tires from standard tires are the tire compounding and the tread sipes. Most tires use a softer tread compound, which uses less synthetic rubber than standard tires. Additionally, the sipes on a tire refer to the number of small cuts and grooves on the tire’s exterior. More sipes exist on the surface of snow tires in order to help them grip the road better as the vehicle is in motion.

Replacing Your Tires

One of the main misconceptions about snow tires is that you only need to replace the front two tires with ones designed for wintery weather. However, using a combination of all-season or summer tires and snow tires can result in unsafe and unpredictable handling as you drive. In order to ensure your safety, it’s best to replace all four tires on your vehicle.

After the temperature starts to warm up again, keep in mind that it’s important to put summer tires back on your car. Although your car won’t have any problems running if it has snow tires on it, doing this can damage the extensive siping on your tires, making them less effective when winter rolls around again.

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