tiresTire pressure monitoring systems are a pretty cool thing that car manufacturers came up with, but they can practically drive you insane when our North Carolina temperatures jump all over the place in a short period of time. Tire pressure changes with the temperature, so trying to keep your vehicle’s tires at the right pressure all the time is pretty much an exercise in futility. The low-pressure warning sounds and you head to the air pump to fill them up to the recommended pressure. A couple days later you get curious so you check and it is now two or three psi over, so you panic and let some out. A few days later, that warning hits you again. Well, here is some good advice for you: STOP!

Yes, it is important not to drive your vehicle on tires that have dangerously low tire pressure. Your gas mileage will suffer for one thing, but what is worse is that you could get a blowout because the tires heat up more when they are deflated. There is a reason why the tire-pressure monitoring system only signals for low pressure. A psi higher than recommended is not nearly as dangerous as long as you don’t exceed the maximum noted on the tire. You may enjoy a harder ride, but you’ll get better gas mileage, so it’s not a bad tradeoff.

If on the other hand, you keep getting the warning even after you have added air, you could have a tire problem and should have them checked. Here at Highway Tire Auto & Lube, we offer a number of automotive services, including tire replacement and installation, so if you are unsure if your vehicle’s tires are safe, stop by and let us check them out.