Hit a Curb? How This Impacts Your Vehicle’s Tires

You inch up to make sure your vehicle is all the way into that amazingly tiny parking space, and suddenly you bump that curb just a bit harder than you intended. Or, you are exiting a parking lot and don’t notice a curb and hit it at a pretty fast pace. You look around hoping nobody saw you, then proceed with your day. Here is why you shouldn’t ignore that you just hit that curb – it could have damaged your vehicle’s tires, steering system, wheel, or other components. It is important that you get your vehicle checked out as soon as possible.

The performance of your tires can be degraded almost immediately after hitting a curb. Even hitting a curb at just five miles per hour can put them in danger. You may or may not even notice a change in the steering of your vehicle. Obviously, if you do it is imperative to get it fixed right away. Some damage can result in the inability to steer properly or respond easily should you encounter wet and slick roads.

An alignment check on your vehicle is a relatively low-cost, preventative measure compared to replacing tires or having an accident. Even a mild misalignment will result in your vehicle’s tires wearing out sooner than need be.

If you just hit a curb, or you go over speed bumps quite a bit, which can also be damaging, we welcome you to bring your vehicle to us at Highway Tire Auto & Lube in Terrell, North Carolina. We can check the alignment of your car and advise you on whether your tires have been damaged. Contact us today for more information!