Transmission Service, Terrell, NC

Most vehicles in Terrell, NC require transmission service at least once every 40,000 miles or so.

Transmission ServiceYour transmission plays an important role in the way your car drives. When you shift into different gears, power transfers from the engine to the wheels, allowing you to move and turn with ease. If you have an automatic transmission, the system also includes an oil pan that stores transmission fluid, which can move to various components as it shifts. Some cars have sealed transmissions, which don’t require service, but this is rare. Most vehicles require transmission service at least once every 40,000 miles or so.

A transmission service involves replacing the fluid, filter, and pan gasket to keep the system running smoothly. As you drive and the components wear down, the fluid will start to contain small pieces of metal that can’t be filtered out. If your car has a manual transmission, you won’t need the filter replacement because it doesn’t include a filter.

At Highway Tire Auto & Lube, we offer transmission service for auto owners in Terrell, North Carolina and many of the surrounding cities. When we perform a transmission service, we start by draining out all of the old fluid. With an automatic transmission, we will then replace the filter and install a new gasket. Our team checks for the type of transmission fluid used in your vehicle, and then replaces that in the correct amount to properly lubricate the machine. Before finishing the job, we always test for leaks and take it for a quick test drive to make sure that the system is in top-notch condition.

At Highway Tire Auto & Lube, we offer high-quality transmission services to residents of TerrellMooresville, Denver, Sherrills Ford, Lake Norman, and Lincolnton, North Carolina.