What are your Thanksgiving day plans? Are you staying at home or traveling to spend the holiday with your loved ones?

Staying at Home

If you are staying at home, you need to get your house ready for the holiday season. Here are some great ways to get your home clean and organized.

Make a good first impression. Your front entrance should be neat and welcoming. Sweep the floor, add a bench or chairs, some potted plants, holiday lights, and a colorful rug or welcome mat. Make sure the foyer or entryway is also neat, with a place for guests to store their coats and footwear.

Get rid of clutter. Take a good look at the high-traffic rooms (kitchen, living room, bathrooms) in your home. Sort through unused items and decide what should be thrown in the garbage, donated, or sold. You will be amazed how much better your home looks once you remove the clutter. It’s also a lot easier to clean and maintain.

Transform a spare bedroom into a retreat for overnight guests. Keep it clean and simple. If your guests are staying for more than one night, make space in a dresser or closet so they don’t have to live out of their suitcases. Place a few books/magazines on the nightstand, along with an alarm clock and a vase of fresh flowers. The bed should have clean, crisp linens, warm blankets/comforter, and lots of fluffy pillows.

Don’t try to tackle every part of the house all at once. Pick a different room every day, and your home will be ready when the holidays arrive!


If your Thanksgiving plans include travel, plan ahead. According to the Travel Channel, the day before Thanksgiving and the Sunday after are the busiest travel days of the year. If you will be traveling with small children, check out these helpful tips to make your journey as smooth as possible.

Make sure your vehicle is ready for a road trip. The U.S. Department of Motor Vehicles suggests you check your vehicle’s wiper blades, fluid levels, lights, belts, hoses, and battery before going on a road trip. You should also inspect your tires (don’t forget about the spare tire) and make sure you have a car jack. It’s also a good idea to schedule any necessary service your vehicle needs such as an oil change and a tune-up.

An emergency car kit is invaluable if you break down. Stock your kit with bottled water, granola bars and trail mix, first aid items, rain jacket, blanket, light sticks, flashlight, and pocket knife. Also make sure you travel with a map or GPS, as well as your car insurance info, vehicle registration, and driver’s license.

The team at Highway Tire Service and Collision wishes you a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. Drive safe!

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