Pothole Advice from an Automobile
Repair Professional

Potholes — the bane of highway repair crews and motorists alike. It doesn’t matter what climate you live in or season of the year, you’re going to face potholes on a regular basis. Your automobile repair professional is your best source for advice on how to deal with them, including four things you should never do.

Automobile Repair
Don’t brake when you hit the pothole. It is fine to brake before you get to the pothole, but if you are braking as you hit it, you’re causing your car to dip in front and limiting how well the suspension can respond to the shock. The best bet is to slow down as much as you can, but get that foot off the brake as you come to the pothole.

Don’t attempt to swerve unless you’re positive you can completely miss the pothole and not hit anything else in the process. If you don’t completely evade the pothole, you’ll now be coming in at an angle that can do even more damage.

Keep a firm grip on the steering wheel. A serious pothole can cause you to lose control of your vehicle if you don’t have both hands securely on the steering wheel.

Finally, pay attention to how your vehicle handles afterward to determine whether you need automobile repair. Symptoms to watch for are handling issues, odd noises, vibration in the steering wheel, and fluid leaks.

If you suspect a problem or just want peace of mind that the killer pothole you just hit didn’t do damage, give us a call at Highway Tire Auto & Lube. We’ll check out your car to be sure a minor issue doesn’t turn into a costlier problem to resolve. We have over a decade of experience and promise you a great experience when you trust us for your automobile repair needs.