4 Signs Your Vehicle May Need Transmission Repair

With any part of your car, it’s best to detect and repair issues early when possible. This not only saves you hundreds of dollars, but it also protects you, your passengers, and other drivers from potential accidents. The same goes for your transmission. Instead of experiencing problems with your gears and then writing them off, you should know the warning signs that you need transmission repair, so you can get the issue fixed as soon as possible.

4 Signs Your Vehicle May Need Transmission Repair

  1. Slipping Gears- Wear and tear can cause your gears to slip, meaning the transmission won’t shift smoothly or it won’t stay in place as you drive. While it is a common problem, it is still a concerning one. Driving with a slipping transmission is extremely dangerous, so you should take your car in for transmission repair as soon as possible.
  2. Burning Odor- If you smell a burning odor in your car, your transmission fluid may be overheating because it’s old. Take your car to an auto repair shop, so you can get the fluid changed and prevent damage to your transmission.
  3. Noises in Neutral- Strange whining or buzzing noises may occur when your car is in neutral and the clutch is engaged. This is a sign there may be an issue with the input shaft or bearings, and you need a professional to provide transmission repair.
  4. Leaking Fluid- If your transmission fluid is leaking, you may notice a sweet smell or a reddish pool of liquid underneath your car. Get a car mechanic to check for a leak of old transmission fluid.

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