Tire & Auto ServiceGetting your son or daughter ready to head off to college is a busy time. It is also full of emotions, as you suddenly realize they are going to be out in the world without you being able to be there every minute to keep them from harm. Most of your worries can be put aside, however, because you are confident that they have a good head on their shoulders and because you’ve taken steps to avoid the most common problems. One of those steps is to make sure their vehicle is in tip-top shape by having it checked out before they leave.

At Highway Tire Service & Collision, we completely understand how important it is to have a complete tire & auto service checkup done on your young adult’s vehicle. We’ll inspect their car from bumper to bumper, including the tires, to put your mind and theirs at ease. We also recommend coming in for tire & auto service each year, so going back to school for the new semester is a safe drive.

Another reason for tire & auto service being done before they head off to college and during each summer and winter break is that this allows them to concentrate on their studies and not have to keep up with a car maintenance schedule. Statistics show that most won’t have that critical oil change and other servicing done while they are busy with classes and campus social events.

While you are thinking about your son or daughter going to college, if you are still the transportation for younger children at home who are heading back to school soon, you may also want to have tire & auto service performed on your family vehicle, as well. A breakdown could mean a missed day of classes, so make sure to take care of it now.

Back to school time is a perfect time for tire & auto service, regardless of the age of your children. Give us a call for an appointment soon!