Types of Vehicle Body WorkAfter an accident, your car may require body work to return your car to a drivable condition. Your insurance company can help you find an honest and fair auto body repair shop to do the job right. You may have questions about the types of body work that technicians can perform on your vehicle. Repairs can take up to several weeks, depending on the extent of the damage, but most quality body work takes at least 48 hours, even for smaller repairs.

One question that arises frequently is whether the car is okay to drive following the completion of body work. With all of the information about dangers of buying and driving cars that have been involved in big accidents, you might feel hesitant about simply having a repair instead of buying a new vehicle. However, if you use an experienced auto body shop, the advances in technology have made it easier to restore the car back to a like-new state.

Another question that body work specialists hear often is whether it will be obvious that the repairs have been done. Most newer vehicles have a code with a paint color, so it is much easier to exactly match the paint job. A skilled technician will also use parts that mimic what the vehicle previously had, so it won’t be clear that you have had body work done. If you choose a lower-cost facility that staffs less-experienced employees, you may not be as happy with the look of your car.

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