Dent RepairIt is nearly impossible to have a vehicle that doesn’t have a few scratches, dings or dents. You probably even remember that very first one. That one always seems to be the most annoying, but at the same time, it gives you the freedom to stop worrying about it. By the time you get ready to trade in your car, or surrender it at the end of a lease term, you probably have stopped even noticing each new blemish. That doesn’t mean the dealership or potential buyers out there won’t notice them, though. If you are going to a dealership, they will reduce what they will give you for the vehicle in a trade-in by the amount they factor in for dent repair. In a lease situation, you may be charged for dent repair and often at an inflated amount. In both cases, it is far better for you to take care of the dent repair before heading over to make the deal.

The main reason for this is the total impression that your vehicle will make. A buyer, even if it’s a dealership, may wonder if your lack of dent repair indicates a lack of maintenance performed, as well. It just gives a bad stigma to your vehicle that you’d be best to avoid if you want to get top dollar for your car.

Another reason to come see us at Highway Tire Service & Collision for dent repair is that you just might find you love the result so much that you no longer want to trade in your vehicle. Between our dent repair services and other automotive repairs, we could make your car look and drive like new again. Whether you are turning in a leased vehicle, trading for a newer vehicle or simply want to look good in your ride again, stop on by for an estimate on dent repair.