Vehicle Air Conditioning RepairsAs temperatures rise through spring and early summer, at first, you are probably just thankful to no longer have to deal with snow and freezing temperatures. However, shortly you will be in the grip of the summer heat and thinking longingly of those cool autumn temps again. One of the worst things to have to deal with in the middle of those heat waves is vehicle air conditioning repairs. One way to minimize the chance of that happening is to have your vehicle inspected and serviced before the mercury rises.

At Highway Tire Service & Collision, we do a full inspection to look for any warning signs, such as worn hoses, seals, belts or lines and leaking refrigerant. A full air conditioning diagnosis will tell us whether your vehicle would benefit from a refrigerant recharge, replaced electrical components, or any other necessary vehicle air conditioning repairs.

Having your air conditioning system checked out could save you more than just a day or two with drenched clothing and ruined makeup because a broken belt can affect other components in your vehicle, as well, resulting in more than just vehicle air conditioning repairs. This is definitely a case where preventative maintenance is the way to go.

The peace of mind you will have in knowing you have done everything you can to beat back the heat of summer will help you keep cool mentally as well as physically. Enjoy your summer before that snow keeps you at home once again. Take that summer road trip with confidence that it won’t be like a scene out of National Lampoon’s Vacation!