Visibility is extremely important when you’re driving, but it is especially vital during the winter months, when rain, sleet, and snow make driving conditions more hazardous.

Having good wiper blades on your vehicle is a must. Here are some things you need to know to keep your wiper blades functioning properly.

Wiper blades should be replaced every 6 months to a year. Consider switching to winter wiper blades during the colder weather.

Change your wiper blades when:

  • you notice a change in visibility
  • blades don’t make contact with the windshield
  • blades squeak, smear, skip, or streak on the windshield
  • there are cracks or tears in the rubber squeegee edge

Once you replace your blades, keep them looking and working like new:

  • clean your windshield regularly
  • don’t try to remove ice with your wipers–use an ice scraper or defroster (make sure to give your vehicle adequate time to warm up when the weather is cold)
  • pull your wiper blades away from the windshield so they don’t stick to the windshield when the temp goes below freezing

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