Auto MaintenanceIt is common knowledge that your vehicle needs proper auto maintenance to keep it running efficiently and safely. Another reason is that you can often avoid many of the breakdowns that can happen with a neglected vehicle. Breaking down is never a fun thing to have happen, but it is even worse should it happen during the winter. Even if you don’t do auto maintenance as often as you should, it is a smart idea to do it before the temperatures drop and the first flurries float through the air.

Doing auto maintenance before the worst of winter arrives involves a number of things that could avoid that shivering-at-the-side of the road scenario. For one thing, your auto maintenance professional will make sure your vehicle is properly winterized to withstand colder temperatures so an unexpected freeze does not damage vital components. Additionally, they will check all belts and hoses, as cold weather can push them past the point they could have survived under normal temperatures. Finally, they will check out your vehicle’s tires to be sure they have sufficient tread and are the right type of tire to safely navigate snow, slush, and ice. They can also change out your tires to put the winter ones on for you.

The normal auto maintenance items also apply, such as the ever-important oil change. Your vehicle’s engine struggles when the oil is past its prime, and that is even more the case in cold temperatures. Winter is taxing on your vehicle, so getting proper auto maintenance is even more important that time of year.

Give us a call at Highway Tire Auto & Lube in Terrell, North Carolina to set up an appointment for auto maintenance that will protect your vehicle from the winter ahead. For local customers, we can even arrange for pick-up and drop off if needed. Don’t find yourself stranded this winter when we’re just a phone call away.