auto tiresWhen shopping for new auto tires, you may think that sizing is in a different language! On a tire’s sidewall, there are symbols, numbers and letters that can be very confusing when trying to choose the right tires. The first letter/s (1-2) are the type of tire. LT (light truck) tires are typically on trucks and SUVs that carry heavy loads, while P refers to standard vehicles. Then, before the slash across the tread, the next numbers are the width in millimeters. Then, the numbers that follow the slash indicate the ratio of sidewall to width, with the next letter showing how it is constructed. Following this, there are two more numbers that are the most important aspect of auto tires – the diameter in inches. This is an essential component because if you get tires that are too small or too large, they can cause serious damage to every element of your vehicle. Also, they will affect safety, especially if you are involved in an accident. Tires also include a code for which type of driving they are best suited. M+S means that the auto tires are good for driving in all seasons, while there are others specifically designed for winter driving or for summer driving, as well as other conditions. If you have any questions about your auto tires, contact us today at Highway Tire Service & Collision.