auto air conditioning systemIf you know something about cars, there are a lot of auto repair projects that you can do yourself. This is a great way to save money on small auto repair issues. Unfortunately, your car’s air conditioning system is not something you want to attempt to work on yourself.

Your car’s air conditioning system functions very similarly to home air conditioning and is complex and dangerous if proper precautions are not taken. Here are 3 reasons to leave your air conditioner problems to an auto repair professional.


1. Freon

If you have an older car using R-12 refrigerant, more commonly known as Freon, you need a special license to purchase the refrigerant or work on the air conditioning system. Freon was outlawed for installation in new vehicles the mid-1990s due to its negative impact on the ozone layer, but many cars built before this legislation are still on the road. If you don’t have the proper licensing, it’s illegal and dangerous to adjust your air conditioning system yourself.

2. Pressure

Properly pressurizing your air conditioning with the correct amount of coolant is crucial. If there’s too little refrigerant in your car’s air conditioning system, it won’t cool your car. If there’s too much, your system will run inefficiently and reduce your gas mileage. If the refrigerant is improperly recharged you can even risk the accumulator exploding.

3. Contaminants

During the winter, when you may not have been using your air conditioner, bacteria and fungi can build up in the vents. This may not always be a problem, but if you’re sensitive to mold and mildew you may experience adverse health effects. Let a trained auto repair tech clean out your vents and avoid the mess and hassle.

The main advantage of doing car maintenance yourself is saving money. Attempting to repair your car’s air conditioning system yourself may not only cost you more in the end but can also endanger you and your family.

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