Flat Tire Repair vs. ReplacementNo one looks forward to getting a flat tire; the experience can be frightening and dangerous. If you are alone when it happens, you may not know how to change a tire or where to find the spare.  You may also worry about the added cost of a new tire, and whether you will need to replace multiple tires to make sure the tread wears evenly. In some cases, flat tire repair is a great alternative to replacement. The first step is to figure out where the puncture occurred, whether in the sidewall, tread, or tire bead, and try to determine what caused the hole.

The most common cause for a flat tire is a puncture, and if the hole is smaller than ¼”, you may be able to get it patched or plugged instead of replaced. A flat tire repair expert will measure the tread in the tires before offering repair, since tires with less than 1/16” of available tread cannot safely be patched. Another common cause for a flat tire is when the driver gets too close to a curb, causing an abrasion that can leak air. This type of abrasion can usually be patched, although it depends on the size.

If your tire has a crack or tear in the sidewall, a patch is not a safe option for flat tire repair. In this case, replacement is necessary. As a driver, you should check your tires regularly, as you might notice something that could cause a bigger problem, such as a tire blowout, in the future.

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