dreamstime_xs_28943138How does the inside of your car or truck look today?

Just as the weather and road conditions can be damaging to your vehicle’s exterior, kids, pets, food, and drinks can wreak havoc on your vehicle’s interior.

Keeping your vehicle’s upholstery clean will help it last longer. It is also an important part of maintaining your vehicle’s resell value. Best of all, it is so much more enjoyable to drive and ride in a clean vehicle.

Here are some tips for taking care of your vehicle’s interior from Highway Tire Service & Collision, a family owned automotive service center in Terrell, NC. Drive safe!

different types of vehicle upholstery and how to clean them

simple ways to protect your interior

  • vacuum your vehicle’s interior regularly
  • clean cloth and vinyl seats with quality automotive cleaners made for those fabrics
  • leather can be cleaned with a damp cloth, leather cleaner, and conditioner (prevents the leather from drying and cracking)
  • seat covers come in many styles and colors, and will help your upholstery last longer
  • floor mats protect floors from sand, salt, dirt, mud, and water
  • coffee, soda, and juice make a sticky mess when they dry, so take care of spills as soon as possible
  • teach your children (and other passengers) to be careful when eating and drinking in your vehicle, and keep a bag handy for garbage so it doesn’t collect in the car

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