car batteriesA manufacturer of German luxury cars says that of every 400 car batteries returned under their warranties, 200 of them have no problem and are still working well. Acid stratification and low charge are the most common culprits of apparent failure. And the manufacturer says the problem occurs most often with luxury cars.

Seldom is battery malfunction caused by a manufacturing defect. The most common causes are bad driving habits. When driving short distances, heavy accessory power prevents the saturated charge that’s so vital for the lifespan of lead acid car batteries. Factory defects amount to less than 7%.

The battery is a weak link, and it’s interesting to note that the breakdowns on 1.95 million cars, aged 6 years or less, are as follows:

  • Battery – 52 percent
  • Flat tire – 15 percent
  • Engine – 8 percent
  • Wheels – 7 percent
  • Fuel injection – 7 percent
  • Heating & Cooling—6percent
  • Fuel system – 6 percent

As already mentioned, acid stratification is a common cause of battery failure with luxury cars. On a stratified battery, the electrolyte concentrates on the bottom, resulting in the upper part of the cell having poor-quality acid. You can compare this to a cup of coffee; the sugar stays on the bottom if you don’t stir it with a spoon.

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