scheduledmaintenanceforcarmooresvillencThe record for the most mileage on a non-commercial vehicle is 2.8 million, and there’s no doubt that the owner of that car followed its scheduled maintenance!  Every car comes with a maintenance manual.  While it might just seem like just another thing to stick in your glove box, it actually has lots of helpful information about your car, including a maintenance schedule.

Chances are, if you have looked at the maintenance schedule for your car, then there will be things to take care of at a number of different intervals. While following the scheduled maintenance won’t make your car immortal, it will make your car last for a good, long time.

If you’re curious about the benefits of following the scheduled car maintenance, here are some highlights:

  • Safety. Tires, brakes, and other parts wear out. By keeping up with regular car maintenance, you can be assured that these things will be caught and taken care of before you go to step on the brakes and nothing happens.
  • Longevity. Cars are expensive, and having to replace them because they weren’t properly maintained is more costly than some basic care. You’ll also get more money for your car when you do decide to sell it, because the next owner is likely to get more miles out of a well maintained car.
  • Comfort. A well maintained car runs more smoothly and handles better than one that hasn’t been taken care of. This doesn’t just apply to brakes or tires, but can include something like a torn door gasket which lets in more air and creates noise.
  • Money. In the end, a car that you perform basic car maintenance on is less likely to break down. Once the problem requires auto repair, you’re looking at spending serious money.  So why not save yourself some money and spend a little on maintenance?

Taking care of maintenance and minor problems early will save you time and expenses down the road.

If it’s been a while since your car was looked at, why not let the expert mechanics at Highway Tire Service & Collision Shop , pop the hood, and get your car running smoothly again. We serve Mooresville, Lake Norman and the surrounding areas.