transmission service

If your car, truck, or van is not running smoothly, it is cause for concern. It is best to have the problem looked at by a professional mechanic. This could help prevent an even bigger problem from happening in the future. If you take good care of your vehicle, it will run better and will last longer.

When your transmission is acting funny, you need to have it taken care of as soon as possible. Transmission problems can be expensive, especially of you let the problem go on for a long time and have to replace the entire transmission.

If you notice your transmission feels like it is shifting when it shouldn’t, you may need transmission service.  This is called slipping, and it means that your transmission is slipping out of gear. It will make a weird high pitched sound like a whine. You also might experience rough shifts. This is where your vehicle will make a thudding or clunking sound when you shift into gear. It also may feel like your vehicle is losing power. It can be very dangerous to lose power, especially if you are driving on a highway.  

Another sign that you could benefit from transmission service is if you experience a delay when you shift. If you put your car into reverse and it takes a while for it to actually reverse, you have a problem. This shows that your transmission is not working like it should.

A leaking transmission is also a sign that you have a problem.  If you notice fluid leaking from your car you should always investigate.  Transmission fluid is usually a red color. It can be anywhere from a bright red to a dull red. If you think your transmission is leaking, you should look into transmission service.

If you are looking for excellent transmission service, call us today at Highway Tire Auto & Lube.  We can get your transmission running smoothly in no time. We are a family owned and operated business and we value our customers.  We guarantee you will be happy with the work we do.