Tire AlignmentTire alignment is an important part of keeping your vehicle running smoothly over the long term. By making sure the tires are tracking together, wear on the tires and stress on the wheels is reduced, which results in longer tire lifespan and better function of your vehicle over the entire span of owning the car or truck.

The maker of a car or truck usually specifies the tire alignment for the vehicle, and it is set that way when it leaves the factory. Having a proper tire alignment performed after the vehicle’s first five thousand miles is important in order to ensure that the wheels and suspension have adjusted properly. If not properly maintained, the toe and camber specifications of your vehicle may drift beyond what the maker of your car has set as their limits. Over time, an incorrect tire alignment can cause uneven wearing on the tires and cause the car to drift to one side or the other. An out-of-alignment vehicle can also affect braking distance, ride quality, or even fuel economy in extreme cases. Unless you notice a specific issue, the alignment should be checked whenever you get a new set of tires. For most vehicle and tire pairings, this is usually about every 50,000 miles.

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