buy tiresYears ago when you went to buy tires, the dealer would show you three tires. For example, they’d show you a 40,000 mile “good” tire, a 50,000 mile “better” tire, and a 70,000 mile “best” tire. All you needed to do was decide on your budget and how many miles you planned to drive your vehicle before you’d be trading it or expected to buy tires again. For better or for worse, buying tires isn’t as simple anymore.

There are two main reasons why this has changed. First, there are far more tire manufacturers in the world today, all vying for your business with the latest and greatest technology for better performance. The second reason is that vehicle manufacturers back then used the same size tires. Of course, there really was only the “Big Three” to choose from at the time. Now we have domestic options and imports. Not only are there more options in the game, but they don’t even use the exact same tire size from model to model or year to year. So, what began as just one main size of tire with three different grades has turned into more than 350 sizes and thousands of tire types.

This really complicates things because now when you go to buy tires, your supplier needs to know what year of vehicle you have and the make and model. Once the size of tire your vehicle needs is determined, the good, better, best process can begin.

This is why you really need a place to buy tires where they understand how to make the process simpler for you. You need sound advice and the experience to get you the right tires for your vehicle and your driving habits. You’ll find all of that here at Highway Tire Auto & Lube. Contact us today to find out more!