Vehicle AC RepairRealizing your vehicle’s AC is not cooling properly may have you feeling pretty thankful that summer isn’t quite here yet. But does that mean you don’t have to worry about vehicle AC repair? Actually, no it doesn’t. What you may not realize is that you actually do use the AC in the winter, as it is engaged whenever you are using the defrost mode. If you run your vehicle in the winter with low refrigerant, there is a good chance that sometime soon, you will be facing the need to repair or replace the compressor.

Another thing to recognize is that every vehicle slowly loses refrigerant, but since it does it at a very low rate of about 2 ounces per year, you may not experience a noticeable cooling difference right away. The problem is that even if your vehicle is only down 10 to 40% and not symptomatic, the compressor is being unduly taxed. Older vehicles were manufactured to hold about 30-36 ounces of refrigerant, so doing vehicle AC repair to correct the problem doesn’t need to be done as often. However, newer vehicles only hold about 15 ounces, making it necessary to check the refrigerant levels every one to two years.

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