Brake Repair MooresvilleMany of us pay little attention to our brakes. So long as they’re stopping the car, we ignore them and take them for granted.

But brakes are one of the most important features of our vehicle, and therefore one of the most important aspects in car maintenance.

Brakes need to be better understood.  Here’s how.

The first thing to know is what happens when you apply the brakes.  After engaging the brake pedal, this is what happens next:

  1. The force of your foot is transmitted to the brake by a fluid.
  2. A set of brake pads clamps down.
  3. The pads clamp on either side of the vehicle’s brake rotors—those flat, shiny discs behind your wheels
  4. As a result, the tires come to a stop and so does the car.

What does this mean for car maintenance?  Here are some tips on changing and maintaining brakes:

  • Check the pads: As the car stops, the weight shifts forward and increases wear and tear on the front brakes especially.
  • Inspect what transmits your brake force: This means mechanical, hydraulic, and electrical parts.
  • Check the discs: They should look clean and smooth.
  • Maintain the appropriate level and condition of brake fluid.


This may seem like a lot of work.  But it is essential to keeping your car and its passengers safe.  If you have any reason to suspect wear or malfunctioning in any of the above, then contact your local auto repair and collision center.  Expert mechanics can inspect your brakes and fix any problems they may have.


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