auto repair mooresville ncSooner or later, everyone needs to repair something on their car.  Knowing which types of auto repair are most common is essential to our car maintenance.

Here are the 5 most common types that you should anticipate:

  1. Essential fluids change: If you’ve been taking good care of your car, you’ve been to your local auto repair for an oil change every four months.  Engine coolant should be changed regularly too.
  2. Tire repair: Tires eventually wear out.  And before they do, they might suffer a puncture causing a flat.  Regular rotations are essential to prolonging their life.
  3. Brake repair: Though you may not change either the pads or disks that often, it is essential to your safety that they always be in working order.
  4. Electric repairs: Everything from blown fuses to headlights is included here.  And of course, we can’t forget the battery, lasting 3-5 years on average.
  5. Fuel system repair: This includes the fuel system’s air filters and fuel pumps which can clog.

Cars are very complex machines.  Luckily, there are only a few essential areas that need attention regularly.  Keeping these in mind should help ensure your care stays on the road for a long time.

While knowing the repairs is one thing, doing the repairs is quite another.  For this you need a trusted mechanic, not one prone to the common repair shop scams.  So find someone you can trust.

At Highway Tire Service & Auto Collison Center in Terrell just over the bridge from Mooresville, an auto repair and collision center, we provide reliable, honest auto repair and other services.  Check out our customer feedback and you can see for yourself how well we take care of our clients!  Come see us today!