Spruce Up Your Car with Vehicle PaintingIf your car’s paint job has damage, whether from sun exposure, snow and rain, or rust, it can lower the value and make the vehicle look very run-down. If you have always hated the color of your car, vehicle painting is a cost-effective option to completely change the look and feel. You can perform at-home vehicle painting, or you can take your car to an expert who can change the color quickly and effectively. If you want to try it yourself, make sure you have a work space that has good lighting, access to an outlet, and plenty of room to get all the way around the car. It should also be well-ventilated, and not dirty or dusty. If your garage has a water heater or furnace in it, that will not be a safe place, since these items can cause fumes to ignite.

The next step is to assemble your materials: paintbrushes and a paint sprayer, primer, paint, sandpaper, body filler, and a putty knife. You should wash and dry your car very well before you start the vehicle painting process, as any flecks of dirt will become stuck in the paint. If the car has dents, use the body filler and putty knife to fill them in and smooth out the surface. You should also remove any plastic or chrome trim, if it will easily snap on and off.

Cover all windows, handles, grill, and mirrors with tape so they won’t get painted. The next step is to sand the metal, then paint the primer coat. Use the paint sprayer to apply an even coat of paint, covering the areas that you are not currently painting. Apply additional coats, sanding in between each coat, and make sure to allow it to dry fully before driving or washing.

If you’d like a professional to take care of your vehicle painting job for you, visit us at Highway Tire Service & Collision in Mooresville, NC.