Importance of a Regular Oil ChangeChanging your vehicle’s oil is crucial in maintaining the engine, which will keep your car running longer. Motor oil runs through the engine to provide lubrication to parts that move up and down to power your car. If a car doesn’t have enough oil, it can also overheat, causing significant and sometimes irreparable damage to the engine. Motor oil will weaken as a result of exposure to air, moisture, and heat, which can cause additional engine damage, since weakened oil becomes thicker and more corrosive.

The first step is to drain the old oil, then remove and replace the oil filter. A technician will then clean old oil from the drain plug and anywhere around the car where it may have leaked, then fill the reservoir with fresh oil. Keep the car running for at least a few minutes to make sure the oil travels through the engine and provides lubrication.

Most vehicle manufacturers recommend changing the oil every 3,000 miles, but if your car takes a different type of oil, you may be able to safely go longer without an oil change. Older cars often require more frequent oil changes. However, no matter what the cost of your car’s oil change, that amount is significantly lower than the cost to replace an engine due to dirty oil or a dry reservoir that causes the engine to break down.

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