How Do My Vehicle Brakes Work?Anyone who drives a vehicle knows that the brakes are one of the most important systems within the car. We generally count on the brakes to work properly, but don’t give them too much thought unless they fail us. Most auto drivers don’t really know how brakes work, so they may not know where to start looking for a problem. When you push the brake pedal in a vehicle, the force transmits through brake fluid into the brakes inside the car. Since it would require a much more forceful push than you can provide with your foot or leg, cars also have a mechanical or hydraulic component that powers the brakes.

The fluid goes through the brake system and into cylinders that amplify the power. Brakes contain rotating discs and pads, and when the power transmits into this system, the friction of the pad on the spinning discs engages the brakes and communicates with the axels that control the tires. The heavier an object is, the more force it requires to move or stop movement, so larger and heavier vehicles must have a stronger brake system.

If your brake fluid leaks, you won’t have sufficient fluid to transmit the force, which means you won’t be able to stop your vehicle, which can be extremely dangerous. When you fill your car with gas, check the levels to make sure you have plenty of brake fluid. If you hear odd sounds or feel a straining or jerking motion when you press your brake pedal, bring it to us at Highway Tire Service & Collision in Mooresville, North Carolina for a checkup as soon as possible.